Being confronted with pests in the place of residence is never very pleasant. Some are even particularly threatening when they invade your home.

Let’s take a quick look at the five most hated pests that are likely to plague your home or apartment.

[Infographie] The five most hated pests you’re likely to see in your home

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Bed bugs

Bedbugs are not necessarily the most common insects found in homes, but they are among the largest pests that must be eradicated if you are confronted with them.

This insect visible to the naked eye and brown or reddish in color measures between four and seven millimeters. It hides in corners (cracks, bedroom furniture), mattresses or box springs and feeds on blood during the night by biting the sleeper. Bed bugs have the ability to reproduce quickly by laying eggs in multiple places.

If you see bedbugs in your home, it is imperative to seek a bed bug exterminator certified. The latter will be able to take stock of the situation and intervene accordingly.


Mice are obviously not on the list of pests to eliminate, but these tough rodents can cause terrible damage to your home.

Attracted by the warm weather in your home, mice infiltrate homes in search of food and are likely to infest kitchen cupboards. Like rats, mice can carry disease and pose a serious hygiene threat.

To avoid them, it is imperative to plug all the exterior holes that would allow them to infiltrate your home, whether in walls, pipes or even ventilation.


Where do cockroaches come from in a house?

This is a question you hear frequently, especially when they are swarming around your kitchen in the middle of the night. Without knowing it, they may have been brought back as a result of a trip, the purchase of used furniture or the grocery store. Another potential source of contamination concerns packaging, which represents an ideal breeding ground for the cockroach. The latter can move from one apartment to another.

Its ability to reproduce easily is a real problem and in most cases will require you to seek an exterminator.

The ants

Ants can be a real concern and are added to the list of insects to be eradicated. They are certainly not dangerous for the human being but are on the other hand likely to cause a lot of complications and seriously affect your quality of life.

The carpenter ants are capable of attacking wooden structures, ants can threaten your home and cause serious damage. If you see them in your home, then it will be urgent to identify the kind of ants and potential nests and to call in a competent exterminator as soon as possible. Only the latter will be able to overcome an infestation and make the right decisions according to the context.


Flies are among the most common insects found in homes and can turn out to be a particularly nasty pest. They do not represent a danger for humans and swallow only liquid food. When the latter is solid, they use their saliva to absorb it once it is predigested. The female is able to lay several hundred eggs. The larvae that emerge from them feed on excrement, trash, or other decaying material, allowing them to survive without a hitch and swarm around your home.

To get rid of it, it is not advisable to take the initiative to use insecticides but rather to call in a competent and approved specialist who will take care of the problem in question.

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