Field mouse – What is a field mouse?

Definition of a field mouse

Gray-brown in colour, the field mouse has an elongated body and a tail as long as its body. It measures between 10 and 15 mm, including the tail. The field mouse is an excellent climber and moves easily by leaps. It frequents forests, fields, hedges, parks and gardens where it feeds on grains, buds, vegetable roots and insects. It is often found near railroads, warehouse docks, access ramps, garages, compactors, etc. This rodent can dig a shallow burrow and can also settle in holes in walls, birdhouses, and the like, although in the fall it takes refuge in buildings and dwellings. The field mouse is more active at night, because there is little surrounding activity. He is also in constant search of food. The field mouse can reproduce all year round. The female is limited to three or four litters of four to five babies. Its lifespan never exceeds four years