How to be sure you are hiring a professional exterminator: tips and tricks

“Do you know a good exterminator? I’ve got bedbugs in my house!

A professional exterminator is expensive: I’ve got a cousin (nephew, brother-in-law, neighbor…) who’ll fix it for you, so it doesn’t take much.

We often think that hiring a certified professional exterminator is expensive. You may be tempted to go it alone, or to use the services of a stranger who will turn out to be, at best, incompetent, and at worst, a swindler.

The situation will quickly turn into a nightmare, and the savings that were supposed to cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of euros will soon be gone. thousands of dollars Termite-infested furniture, contaminated bedding to be replaced, building structures at risk… pest infestations are not to be taken lightly, because the consequences can be catastrophic!

It’s best to consult an expert. But how can you be sure you’re calling in a professional exterminator? How to avoid unpleasant surprises? Why contact a professional exterminator?

Advice, tips: with over 50 years of experience at your service in Montreal, Exterminateurs Associés Inc. tells you all!

Why call in a professional exterminator?

Ants, spiders, field mice… we live with thousands of small organisms every day. While the presence of these bugs in our homes can be unpleasant, it’s easy to get rid of a few earwigs or a mouse. But sometimes we are confronted with a real infestation. Termites, bedbugs and other rodents become pests that need to be eliminated as soon as possible. We have two solutions

Commercial pest control products

In other words: pesticides. In cans or powder, they are the first-aid solution. But as well as being ineffective against a serious invasion, they can cause real health problems, especially inside the home. Health Canada strictly regulates pesticide use across the country. However, even authorized products contribute to soil contamination, and their overuse can cause considerable damage.

Hiring an exterminator

In the event of an obvious invasion, we’re quickly overwhelmed! Calling in an extermination expert is still the best way to eliminate invasive insects, vermin and rodents.

Among the most frequently encountered intruders :

  • Rodents: rats, mice and field mice are mainly found in attics and basements, but also in walls and plumbing. Don’t wait for the cold of winter to draw them into your living room, contact a pest control specialist.
  • Cockroaches: of all the household pets, the cockroach is the one that most disgusts us. These little bugs like warmth and darkness. The underside of our sinks, the back of our refrigerators and all the dark corners of the kitchen are 5-star hotels for them. They lay their eggs everywhere, even in food, and can cause serious poisoning. A professional exterminator will recommend the best insecticides and cockroach traps.
  • Bed bugs: does it itch and scratch? Your bed may well have become your worst enemy, thanks to this little insect that loves your bedding, but also your floors and wardrobes. A pest among pests, the bedbug is a scourge that feeds on your blood. Only a true extermination professional can rid you of this miniature, proliferating vampire.

How can I be sure I’m calling a professional exterminator?

Have you decided to entrust the sanitation of your home to a specialist? Well done! But how do you choose the professional who will save you the trouble?

Avoid unpleasant surprises

Before committing yourself to a professional extermination company, find out about its reputation:

  • How long has the company been in business? An exterminator with years of experience serving the public is a guarantee of professionalism and quality workmanship.
  • Does the company have a physical store in your town? In the event of a problem, it will be easier to contact them.
  • Will you be using a team or a single man? A team often offers greater flexibility and availability, so that work can be completed within reasonable deadlines.
  • Do they provide extermination services for professionals? Certified experts working for trade, industry and institutions are your assurance of reliability.
  • Are the vehicles branded? A well-established company doesn’t hide – quite the contrary.
    Can they show proof of their expertise? An extermination professional must be able to produce physical certification documents that can be verified online.
  • Does the company have reviews on the Internet? Especially if there are many of them, favorable reviews are a good indication of the quality of the work. For less than three stars: flee!

Warning signs not to be missed

Sometimes, despite all the checks, you come across a lemon. Nevertheless, there are a few warning signs that should alert you immediately. Two examples:

  1. You are dealing with a reputable company that sends you a different worker from the one who carried out the inspection: check the qualifications of the technician who will carry out the work at your home, and the legality of the products used.
  2. You haven’t requested an inspection and someone shows up at your door. At best, you’re dealing with an unscrupulous craftsman, at worst, a potential burglar.

A recognized company that has the trust of its customers will give you all the guarantees you need to regain the comfort of your home. Your peace of mind is priceless. Choose quality and safety: you can be sure you’re working with a certified professional exterminator!