Pesticide use – the use of pesticides outside buildings is regulated

In the province of Quebec, the use and storage of pesticides outside of buildings is governed by specific regulations.

Find out how to comply with the standards.

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Regulations and licensing

Quebec law contains certain regulations regarding the use of pesticides. Quebec law contains certain regulations regarding the use of pesticides.

Each use must be recorded in an up-to-date logbook. Permit holders must submit this document, at the end of the year, to the city affected by this regulation.

For outdoor storage, sufficient distance from watercourses (and all water withdrawal sites) to avoid the risk of contamination must be provided. A violation of this regulation can result in a fine, whether it is an individual or a company. Revocation of this permit may be applied when the conditions of use of the products concerned are not respected.

*Any business that sells or uses pesticides in its commercial activity must apply for a permit. Sellers and users of these products are required to hold a certificate.

Pesticide use in cities

Municipalities must comply with pesticide regulations based on their local circumstances, but sometimes a problem can be difficult to resolve. For example, the increase in rats in Montreal is currently a concern.
This city regulates the use of pesticides and, since January 2022, 36 molecules used in the manufacture of pesticides are now prohibited. They are found in insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and rodenticides. Many of the products used to eradicate rats contain these molecules. In order to comply with the regulations, it is therefore essential for individuals or organizations wishing to use rat poison products to ensure that these molecules are not present.

The City of Montreal recommends, whenever possible, the use of biopesticides or other natural alternatives to protect the health of its citizens and the environment. Healthier alternatives for getting rid of pests are available at

Commercial use

Commercial applicators are required to have an annual pesticide use permit. These include exterminators, farmers, foresters, golf course owners, nurserymen and landscapers, and lawn care and ornamental operators.

They usually use pesticides to eradicate…

mice, field mice, rats, wasp nests and ant nests
carpenter ;
– organisms harmful to the flora and survival of trees
– Poisonous plants (e.g. poison ivy, Giant Hogweed);
– organisms that attack domestic fowl and bees;
– or when it is an agricultural operation.

Upon obtaining their annual license, these individuals are added to the Official List of Commercial Pesticide Applicators in good standing. They should always keep the permit handy when using pesticides.

How do I obtain a pesticide use permit or certificate?

On the website, you can download free of charge online a model of the Pesticide Use Register and a certificate (the different categories of pesticide use certificate are mentioned).

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