Cockroach – What is a cockroach?

Definition of cockroach

In Quebec, there are several species of cockroaches. The German cockroach ( cockroaches ) is the most common. Pale brown in colour and with darker stripes on the back, this one usually inhabits warm, humid places – conditions that allow it to find food, water and shelter. Their presence can be explained by the fact that they are often carried by used furniture, boxes, grocery bags or foodstuffs.

Contrary to what some may claim, cockroaches do not have a direct link with poor hygiene. Indeed, being generally more active at night, they can often go unnoticed once installed in a building. The eggs are laid inside a rectangular capsule that can hold 20 to 40 eggs which it lays after transporting them for about 28 days. Young cockroaches are born the day after the deposition of this capsule and become adults after three months.