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When ants decide to colonize a place, nothing can stop them! Carpenter ant colonies love wood, whether it’s inside or outside the house. The main risk for your home is damage to wooden structures, especially beams. To remedy this problem, we market a whole range of insecticides and traps to eliminate ants. If this is not sufficient, then it will be necessary to carry out the extermination of the ants by one of our experts.


The different types of harmful species in Quebec

Carpenter ants love wood. They can install their nests in the structure of the building. Carpenter ants are black and relatively large. To eliminate them, it is usually necessary to identify the main nest where the queen is found. The use of an ant exterminator is necessary when it is impossible to find the nest (s).


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In Quebec, we find four main pest ant species : carpenter ants, paving stone ants, pharaoh ants and brown ants. They are all prone to end up in your home, as they all feed on leftover food. Yes, even the carpenter is omnivorous, contrary to popular belief. What ants prefer most of all is fatty and sugary foods.




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Cobblestone ants

The pavement ants are smaller and infiltrate almost everywhere near homes, especially in kitchens where food is stored. They generally live outdoors, on sidewalks and cobblestones, hence their name. These ants leave small mounds of earth in their path and pass through homes to obtain food, but very rarely establish their nests there. For the extermination of the pavement ant, it is recommended to use specialized traps or bait used as a decoy. If necessary, insecticides can be used, which should be used with caution.


The brown ant looks a lot like the pavement ant, but it is more robust and measures 3-5mm. It usually nests outside the house, near foundations, but can also nest in pots of houseplants or in the walls of houses. These are the type of ants that can be seen in single file on the trunks of fruit trees or on the foundations of houses in search of food. If you have any in the house in the spring, winter, or fall, it is sure that they have built a nest in the structure of your house.


The pharaoh ant is very small, pale yellow in color with black markings on the abdomen. It measures approximately 1.5 to 3 mm in length. It multiplies very quickly and a colony can have several queens. The colonies are very large and have up to several million workers and thousands of queens. This species looks for artificial heat sources to survive the colder months. Commonly infested places are food stores, restaurants, hospitals, townhouses, and multi-unit buildings. They are frequently found in kitchens and bathrooms. They often make their nests at the bottom of cardboard containers that have not been moved for a few weeks. If you find more than one inside, it is strongly recommended that you carry out an ant extermination.


The carpenter ant is usually black with reddish or brownish undertones. It resembles other species, but its workers have a well rounded thorax. The males are more puny than the females. Like all ants, the carpenter lives in society, which is divided into castes. Within a colony, there is a queen, workers and males, each with a different role and physiognomy. The queen is the largest in the colony and has wings, just like a caste of her male counterparts. On the other hand, she will lose them as soon as she has had her first litter. The morphology of the other members of the colony varies according to their role.


Ant extermination: don’t wait!

When should you think about calling an exterminator for an ant problem? If you find them at home in the summer, don’t panic! Ants enter homes in search of food, but they don’t necessarily make their home there. You can curb the problem by setting small traps or a bowl of sugar water near the exterior door to lure them out of your home.


However, if you see them in the spring, fall and winter, especially winged ants, and have small clumps of dust around the edges of the walls, it is time to call in an exterminator. This means that you have one or more carpenter anthills in your home and they have been staying with you for some time. If you are struggling with an ant infestation and they are carpenters, the problem is particularly worrisome, as they can eat away at the entire structure of your home. It is strongly recommended that you hire a carpenter ant exterminator.


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