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Montreal bed bug extermination by Exterminateurs Associés.

Do you suspect that you might have bed bugs in your home or building? Worse, do you think you might be dealing with a bed bug infestation? If the answer is yes, then do not hesitate to call and book an appointment for bed bug extermination services immediately.

Our company has been in the pest control and extermination business in Greater Montreal for over 50 years!

We are confident that you will appreciate our experience when it comes to dealing with this frustratingly annoying bug problem. We assure you that we can get rid of the problem you are facing. If you want a certified opinion on what needs to be done, you have come to the right company.

First signs of a problem

Do you sometimes feel itchy on your arms, back or legs after a night’s rest? Do you suspect that maybe you’ve been bitten, but you don’t know by what? If this sounds familiar, then your bed, bedroom and home may have a bed bugs.

Quick summary of bed bugs

In a nutshell, their description goes as follows: these insects are four to seven millimetres long, feed on human blood, and live in or near your bedding (mattresses, pillows, floors, drawers, etc.).

We do not aim to play with people’s emotions, however if you are facing this sort of bug problem in your home, this should be alarming. Bed bugs are not a good companion to have in your home. Particularly in your bed.

Bed bug detection

Should you detect the presence of bedbugs, it is strongly recommended that you call a bed bug exterminator as soon as you can. Additionally, if you are the tenant in an apartment building, let the building owner know about your issue so they can coordinate with our extermination services on how to best treat the situation.

Please note that if you are living in an apartment building, it is very possible that that the bed bugs you have could also be living in your neighbours apartment. In very bad cases, they could be inhabiting multiple apartments throughout the building you live in.

At Exterminateurs Associés we always proceed quickly with bed bug extermination after a client has contacted us for assistance. We assure to do so discreetly and as non-invasively as possible.

We provide free estimates and explanations by phone to help you get an analysis of your situation in terms of price and steps that will need to be taken before we arrive to help you better plan for any necessary treatment.

For better quality sleep, it is crucial to perform a bed bug extermination

The presence of bed bugs in a person mattress can significantly affect human health and quality of life. In more extreme cases, this insect problem untreated can lead to isolation and depression. It is, therefore, essential to know how to recognize them and to immediately contact a professional pest control company efficient in the extermination of bed bugs to get rid of them as quickly as possible and to prevent a severe infestation of bedbugs developing.

How to recognize a bed bug

So how can you quickly recognize a bed bug in your home? They are visible to the naked eye, oval in shape and approximately the size of an apple seed. However, since it is a generally a nocturnal insect, bedbugs shy away from light and rarely appear during the day. Adult bed bugs are usually brown. When they are engorged with blood, their colour ranges from red to dark brown. They do not jump or fly and move at roughly the same speed of an ant.

Get more information on what a bed bug is and how to identify one here.

Life span

Bed bugs have a lifespan of five to six months. However, if they are in an uninhabited house and lack food, they can go into a state of dormancy, a form of hibernation, which allows them to live for more than a year, without ever feeding. This is a characteristic that makes this insect an extremely difficult pest to eradicate, which requires treatment by a professional bed bug extermination specialist.

More clear signs that you have bed bugs


If you have read this far, you may be asking yourself, where exactly are bed bugs living in my home? Bed bugs mostly live in the bedroom and living room; there are simple clues that can help tell if they are present in a room.

Here are a few common clues that can indicate you have a bed bug infestation: redness similar to a mosquito bite on the legs and back (mainly), itching (caused by these bites), blackish marks on the mattress, box spring, sheets or pillows, left by their droppings, and an unpleasant odour. They do leave an odour that can be noticeable to the human nose.

These insects avoid light and shelter in dark, narrow and inaccessible places. For this reason, it is not recommended to try to treat the a bed bug problem on your own. There are too many “tricks of the trade” that must be learned in order to effectively prevent their spread.

For this reason, it is unlikely that you will see them during the day. On the other hand, you could detect the presence of bed bug corpses, the skin of bedbugs having moulted, or the company of eggs between 15 and 20, all laid in the same place.

Again we remind the reader, if you should suspect the presence of this insect in your home, it is strongly recommended that you act quickly and contact us as we are a certified bed bug exterminator company with experience in the proper treatment of bed bugs.

Treatment of bed bugs: call a certified exterminator

Once you or the extermination specialist has confirmed the presence of bed bugs in your home, you will have to proceed with the systematic cleaning (commonly referred to as treatment) of your entire bedroom.

This includes the mattress, bedding sheets, and pillows, going through the underside of the box spring and the recesses of any drawers. Additionally, the entire surrounding area will typically be inspected, including wardrobes, closets, laundry hampers and the like.

In order to be efficient, nothing should be overlooked or taken for granted.

When done properly, bed bug treatment will effectively kill these insects preventing them from spreading. This type of treatment requires insecticides which applied effectively do the job of helping to eradicate this problem from your home.

These insects can dramatically affect your quality of life and sleep, so an expert in bed bug treatment is essential to restore your bedroom and home not a bug free environment.

Our bed bug treatment and all other extermination services are certified and accredited.

Call Exterminateurs Associés to schedule an appointment with an expert bed bug exterminator today. We assure all our clients that our professional, experienced and knowledgeable team will meet and surpass your expectations quickly and efficiently.

For any information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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