Bed bugs extermination in Montreal


Do you sometimes feel itchy on your arms, back or legs after a nights rest? Do you suspect that maybe you’ve been bitten, but you don’t know by what? If this sounds a little like an experience you’ve had recently then it could be that your bedroom has a bed bug problem . A very quick summary of bed bugs in a nutshell goes as follows: these insects are four to seven millimetres long, feed on the human blood and live in or near your bedding (mattresses, pillows, floors, drawers, etc.).

If this sounds alarming, it should be. Bed bugs are not a good thing to have in your home!

Bed bug detection

If you detect the presence of bedbugs, it is strongly recommended that you call a bed bug exterminator immediately. Additionally, if you are the tenant in an apartment, it would be wise to let the apartment building owner know so that they can co-ordinate with a bed bug extermination company how best to treat bed bugs that may be living in multiple apartments in the building you reside in. At Exterminateurs Associés we always proceed quickly with bed bug extermination assuring that we do so discreetly and as non-invasively as possible. We provide free estimates by phone to help you get an analysis of your situation in terms of price.

For a better quality of human life, it is important to perform a bedbug extermination!

Bed bugs can have significant consequences on human health and quality of life, including isolation and depression. It is therefore essential to know how to recognize them and to immediately contact a professional. the extermination of bed bugs to get rid of it quickly to prevent a serious infestation of bedbugs.

How to recognize a bed bug

Bed bugs are oval in shape and approximately the size of an apple seed. They are therefore visible to the naked eye. However, since it is a generally nocturnal insect, bedbugs shy away from light and rarely appear during the day. Adult bed bugs are usually brown in color. When they are engorged with blood, their color ranges from red to dark brown. They do not jump, do not fly, but move at the speed of an ant.

Life span

Bed bugs have a lifespan of five to six months. However, if they are in an uninhabited house and lack food, they can go into a state of dormancy, a form of hibernation, which allows them to live for more than a year, or even two, without ever feeding. This is a characteristic that makes this insect an extremely difficult pest to eradicate which requires treatment by a professional bed bug extermination specialist.

Location and signs that you have bed bugs


Bed bugs mostly live in the bedroom, and there are clues that can tell if they are there. Here are a few that indicate a bed bug infestation: redness similar to a mosquito bite on the legs and back (mainly), itching (caused by these bites), blackish marks on the mattress, box spring, sheets or pillows, left by their droppings, and unpleasant odor they give off. Bed bugs avoid light and take shelter in dark, narrow and inaccessible places.

For this reason, it is unlikely that you will see them during the day. On the other hand, you could detect the presence of bed bug corpses , skin of bedbugs having molted, or the presence of eggs, between 15 and 20, all laid in the same place.

If you suspect the presence of this insect in your home, it is strongly recommended that you act quickly and contact a certified bed bug exterminator specially trained in the treatment of bed bugs, such as the experts at Exterminateurs Associés.

Treatment of bedbugs: call a certified exterminator!

If you have detected the presence of bed bugs, you will have to proceed to the methodical cleaning of your entire bedroom, including the bed, bedding, pillows, going through the underside of the box spring, the recesses of the drawers. and wardrobes. Nothing should be overlooked.

A bed bug treatment suitable will kill these resistant insects without dispersing them to other rooms. This type of treatment requires the use of insecticides and ecological products which must be used in a safe manner.

These insects can dramatically affect your quality of life and sleep, which is why an expert bed bug treatment is essential to restore a viable atmosphere to your bedroom and home.

Our bed bug treatment is certified and accredited. Call an Exterminateurs Associés bed bug exterminator today, because we are professional, experienced and will meet your expectations as quickly and efficiently as possible.

For any information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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