Cockroach extermination in Montreal

Cockroache pest control in Montreal

The cockroach is certainly the species among the most common insects in places of residence and commerce in Quebec. In this city, the cockroach or cockroach is commonly called cockroach.cockroach extermination in Montreal is a real problem. The presence of cockroaches is not necessarily a sign of uncleanliness, but these insects are known to cause a lot of damage.

Which have no impact on the structure itself, as termites would, but the consequences are more of a health nature. The cockroach pollutes every place it passes, multiplying at a frightening rate and leaving an unpleasant odor. It can produce up to a hundred thousand descendants per year. This insect can also be attracted to your bathroom and library. The cockroach also damages paper and therefore books. It is essential to proceed to cockroach extermination in your immediate environment.

Knowing how to recognize the presence of cockroaches

Cockroach is an insect of the ectobiidae family, whose reputation is very often associated with dirt. But think again. The presence of the cockroach is simply due to poor house maintenance thus generating favorable conditions for the development of these insects. The cockroach is very often a caramel color, tending towards black, brown or chestnut. The size of the insect varies depending on the species. In Quebec, we mainly find German cockroaches, and their average size is 1.3 cm.

It has an oval shape, thorny legs, a flat body and has very long thread-like antennae. Cockroaches normally live in the forest. But in recent years, we have found a domestic species that appreciates the humidity and heat of indoor spaces a little more, in addition to the food to which it can easily access in our living and working places. Of the 4000 species of cockroaches in the world, there are just over 70 in Canada, including around 15 in Quebec.

These cockroaches can be found anywhere, especially when it is hot and dark: in the attic or laundry basket, the dining room, on a fruit display, etc. You have to be careful because even fruit bought around the corner can contain larvae. They like dark places and shy away from light. If you notice cockroach activity during the day, it is good that there is a whole colony living in the vicinity. Their reproductive capacity is still astonishing.

Why should a cockroach extermination be carried out?

If any of your spaces, whether it is your kitchen or your display, is invaded by cockroaches, it is strongly recommended that you take action and call in an expert. insect exterminator . Cockroaches very often leave their droppings in food preparation areas such as the kitchen, or on the food itself. This can therefore cause contamination of food and the transmission of disease.

The most common cockroach species is the German cockroach, which is the cause of more than 70% of cockroach infestations in Quebec. The risk of poisoning is therefore high when cockroaches have taken possession of your environment, since they reproduce quickly and are a real vehicle of bacteria of all kinds. Cockroaches can therefore be the cause of skin or urinary tract infections, allergies, hepatitis and even allergies. A insect exterminator will know how to develop the right strategy for you to put an end to a cockroach invasion.

How to get rid of cockroaches?

It is necessary to take a minimum of provisions if one does not want to be invaded by cockroaches. Cockroaches primarily attack food. It is therefore necessary to store them well in well sealed, dry and clean containers. It is necessary to be able in all the rooms of the house to avoid humidity and to keep all the places very dry. After each meal, it is advisable to immediately clean up spills on the floor or table.

You shouldn’t miss taking out the trash or washing the dishes every day. Call in your plumber or mason for each finding of a crack in the wall or a leak in your taps. One action to be taken, and which is not the least, is to keep the interior temperature below -4 ° C. Cockroaches cannot stand such a temperature. In short, always keep the spaces clean, proceed to the continuous elimination of the various water sources, and avoid that there are openings of the house to the outside.

Why contact the associated exterminators?


It’s never too late to get rid of cockroaches. Call on certified exterminators. The cockroach is very resistant. But the associated exterminators , experts and discreet exterminators , based on their experience of more than 40 years, find according to the environment the best solution for the eradication of cockroaches in your workplace or home.

The treatment they offer presents no danger to human health and all this takes place in strict compliance with environmental standards. It will not be a partial elimination, but a definitive elimination of these insects from your environment.


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