restaurant health inspection in Montreal

restaurant health inspection in Montreal


Sanitary inspection of restaurants in Montreal

Whether it’s Kalohin, Saint-Jean Bagel or Cristal Chinois, these three restaurants have one unenviable commonality: they are all part of the list of unhealthy restaurants in Montreal for the year 2019 . So decided by the Sanitary Inspectorate of Restaurants in Montreal. The latter rendered a relentless verdict against them, highlighting hygiene concerns sufficiently obvious to include them in this list much feared by restaurateurs. Every year, the Restaurant Sanitary Inspectorate in Montreal carries out very rigorous control work in order to protect consumers. Indeed, more and more establishments are concerned by unhealthy problems linked, among other things, to rats. Detecting the presence of these is not necessarily an easy thing and getting rid of them requires the intervention of professionals most of the time.

Know the signs of a mouse or rat infestation

Recognizing the signs that could potentially point to the presence of mice and rats in your restaurant is not easy. Mice and rats are not only nocturnal animals but also extremely clever, so much so that it is very difficult to see them on a daily basis. However, there are signs that may indicate the presence of these unwanted hosts. The traces of excrement are the first point that is likely to betray these animals. Rat droppings can be anywhere from ten to eight centimeters in length and can be found in large numbers when these rodents are active. If you find any, it is imperative to be very careful in handling them and to wash your hands well to avoid any form of contamination. Another sign is tooth marks on furniture.

Rats’ teeth grow continuously, so they have to gnaw constantly. If you pay attention, you can also hear scratching noises. The brown rat is a rodent that is not a good climber and has a tendency to cling in order not to fall. The black rat is much more agile, which is why it is more easily found in attics. An infestation of rats is very dangerous as they can cause great damage by attacking all your cables and even create fires. They will shamelessly endanger your food reserves and can represent a serious threat in terms of hygiene and disease transmission.

How to get rid of rats in your restaurant?

Wanting to eradicate these rodents is often akin to the obstacle course if you decide to do it yourself. Of course, it is always possible to try to install traps in order to try to trap the rodents in question. However, a rat infestation is not something to be taken lightly. Most of the time, using mouse and rat exterminators is absolutely essential. Rats are by nature extremely agile and suspicious, and they possess the ability to thwart traps set for them. This is why, generally, only seasoned professionals are able to overcome it. Remember that a rat is able to fit through a tiny hole as small as two centimeters.

The slightest crack or opening can be beneficial to him and he will be able to hide extremely easily and go completely unnoticed. The rat seeks heat and is in perpetual search for food, attacking anything in its path. If you are faced with rats in your restaurant, your best bet is not to panic and to get in touch as soon as possible with competent professionals. Your problem will be immediately taken care of in order to sanitize the infested area of your establishment.

restaurant health inspection in Montreal

Try not to be on the next list of restaurants to avoid and do not hesitate to call on the Associated exterminators . This will be the guarantee for you not to be confronted with insalubrity. Make sure you have your certificate from MAPAQ, the Quebec Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. The latter has a great influence on the biofood sector, both in terms of production, processing and distribution. In all cases, make it a point of honor to be perfectly in order and to respect the standards in force so as not to be worried by the Sanitary Inspectorate. Consumer safety is also a concern.