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Prevent a rat invasion in winter

Advice from an exterminator to prevent the invasion of rodents and insects in winter on the last blog of Exterminateurs Associés.

While we sometimes have the impression that the bugs disappear in the winter, this is not entirely the case. Indeed, while the majority of insects do not tolerate cold temperatures, many of them choose houses to shelter during the winter and find heat there. They can thus spread quickly, especially in humid and hot places. Therefore, it is important to react quickly as soon as you notice the presence of any insect.

Mice and rats in winter: prevent them

Rodent control is important. It is necessary to plan a good external verification to locate the possible entry points. Mice and rats can easily sneak inside homes to seek warmth and comfort, mostly through open or broken sewers. However, this climate of comfort, far from their predators, is also favorable to their reproduction. Without strict measures, these rodents can quickly enter your home, mainly invading the pantry for food. They will have no qualms about also integrating the cabinets and gnawing at the electrical wires. However, if ever a rat dies in the walls, the risk of other scavenging or dermal insects being born there is higher. Besides that, the smelly corpses will be the source of these unwanted insects that can invade any room. Otherwise, when it comes to mice, bait stations in different places around the house are needed as soon as a problem arises. The purchase of equipment from a rat and mouse exterminator in Montreal is recommended to avoid poisoning and favor environmentally friendly products.

Bedbugs and insects in winter: what to do after a trip

Many of you are taking advantage of the harsh Montreal winters to fly south. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for an insect infestation to occur after a trip. These unwanted little beings very often sneak into your luggage. Your luggage should therefore be quarantined in an isolated place such as a garage or cabin, while the contents should be immediately put in the washing machine or in a steam machine. Other fragile items must undergo meticulous cleaning before entering the house. These arrangements essentially prevent bed bug infestations inside the house. Since bed bugs mainly live in bedrooms, it pays to be vigilant. Especially since these bedbugs can have several consequences on the skin such as itching and stings. They can also leave their droppings on your mattresses and sheets. It is important to immediately call an exterminator in Montreal as soon as a suspected case arises. As a professional in this field, he will know how to intervene with the bed bug treatment which will suit you best.