Thecarpet beetle is a parasitic insect often present in homes. It can cause great damage to textiles. It is very widespread in Quebec, especially in the Montreal region.

While insect exterminators are familiar with it, the general public often does not know how to protect themselves from it. It is therefore necessary to learn about preventive measures, as well as what to do in the event of an invasion.

Introducing Carpet Anthrene

The carpet beetle is a small, brown, oval-shaped beetle. It belongs to the Dermestidae family, which means “skin eaters”. The adult insect feeds on pollen. The larva, on the other hand, eats all kinds of natural fibers, whether animal or vegetable. With its formidable jaws, it can cause considerable damage to the interior of homes. In addition, it is covered with stinging hairs. Any contact with these larvae can therefore cause serious allergic skin reactions.

How to avoid a carpet anthrene invasion?

It is always difficult to protect yourself completely from an infestation of parasitic insects. Indeed, their small size allows them to sneak everywhere! However, certain precautions can limit the risk of invasion.

1- Eliminate the entry points of parasitic insects

Commonly called moths , the carpet beetle is a warmth-appreciating insect. This is why it tends to take refuge inside homes. And, once you enter your home, he is likely to like it and decide to expand his family there! The first precaution to take is therefore to prevent it from entering your home. For it, make sure the doors are airtight and patch cracks in the walls . You can also block the air intakes with fine mesh netting . This will allow air to pass while stopping insects. The adult anthrene is a very good flyer, and can enter your home through the Windows . So remember to equip them with mosquito nets. Also be aware of the presence of entry points under the roof .

2- prevent your house from becoming a larvae nursery

Anthrene usually lays its eggs in dead insects. Once the larva hatches, it voraciously attacks natural textiles and wood, but also hair and hair. The best way to fight against proliferation is therefore to have a house that is spotlessly clean. Remember to vacuum very regularly . Anthrene larvae live in the dark. So you have to hunt down the dirt in every detail dark corners ! Clean under furniture , but also inside, and on top of cupboards . Don’t forget the below carpet , real nests of dirt! After each use, empty the contents of the vacuum into an airtight container.
The curtains , carpets, furs and textiles of all kinds must be regularly cleaned and aired. Leaving them outside during very cold weather will effectively eliminate the larvae hidden in the folds.

What to do in the event of a carpet beetle infestation?

Despite all the precautions taken, these parasitic insects can still settle in your home! It is therefore essential to detect their presence as quickly as possible. It will then be necessary to apply rapid and effective measures such as the application of extermination products made by a certified professional to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Recognize the signs of the presence of beetles

As the larvae hide in dark places, it is not easy to spot them. However, several signs can make you suspect the presence of these parasitic insects in your home:

  • droppings, in the form of small balls the size of a grain of sand;
  • dead skin called exuvia, which the larva loses during its numerous moults;
  • the appearance of holes in textiles, especially woolen fabrics, or damage to wood.

If you find any of these clues, go looking for the larvae to confirm your suspicions! Inspect all dark corners for this, not forgetting the underside of the baseboards.

Beetles have settled in: what to do?

In the event of an infestation observed, it is advisable to act efficiently and quickly. For this, it is necessary to carry out a deep cleaning of the whole house . All textiles should be washed and disinfected. Unfortunately, it is often impossible to eliminate all the larvae without resorting to an insecticide. Be especially careful if you choose to use this chemical solution yourself.

If the invasion is significant, it is strongly advised to call in a insect exterminator . We will be able to establish a precise diagnosis of the situation, in order to take the appropriate measures. Our expertise will allow us to flush out the larvae in nooks and crannies that you would never have thought of inspecting! We also have specific eradication products and techniques for each type of parasitic insects.

After removing all the larvae, we will suggest caulking solutions. This will prevent carpet beetles from returning to colonize your cozy nest!