How to treat bed bugs?

There are several precautions to treat bed bugs Treating bed bugs requires thoroughness and precaution. Exterminateurs Associés demystifies the steps to follow during such treatment. If you have unfortunately detected the presence of bedbugs in your home, it is imperative that you are able to react as quickly as [...]

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Getting rid of food moths: 5 tips

Guide to getting rid of food moths Some tips to get rid of food moths Food moths are small, gray to beige butterflies that are likely to invade your kitchen. Their larvae have the particularity of feeding on your stored food, for example flour, rice, spices, cereals, pasta [...]

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Questions to ask an exterminator

What questions should I ask an exterminator? If your home is invaded by rodents or other pests, you will quickly be forced to seek an exterminator. The latter will be able to solve the problem as long as he is perfectly competent. In order not to make the [...]

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9 tips for getting rid of bed bugs

You want to get rid of bed bugs permanently. Exterminateurs Associés gives you 9 tips to get rid of bedbugs. It is never easy to cope with an invasion of bedbugs in your home. Eradicating these unwanted hosts requires not only a lot of patience but also a good [...]

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