You want to get rid of bed bugs permanently. Exterminateurs Associés gives you 9 tips to get rid of bedbugs.

It is never easy to cope with an invasion of bedbugs in your home. Eradicating these unwanted hosts requires not only a lot of patience but also a good dose of methodology.

Let’s go over some basic tips for dealing with this scourge as well as 9 simple and effective ways to get rid of bed bugs.

9 tips for getting rid of bed bugs

Infographic - 9 tips to get rid of bedbugs, Exterminateurs Associés

Tip no. 1 – Switch off the heating in the room concerned

Bed bugs cannot tolerate extreme temperatures, whether they are cold or very hot. By keeping the infested room at a temperature around twenty degrees Celsius, you play into the game of your unwanted visitors by allowing them to reproduce at best and live in absolutely ideal conditions.

Therefore, it is imperative to stop heating the room in question in order to slow down the bedbug process.

Tip no. 2 – Notify the owner

It is certainly one of the first things to do. Most of the time, your landlord will know what to do and what action to take in response to this kind of inconvenience, starting with seeking advice from an exterminator.

Tip no. 3 – Treatment of your mattress

Using a steamer, treat your mattress and box spring at high temperature. Then place this first in a completely airtight cover after allowing it to dry well.

Tip no. 4 – Avoid the use of insecticides

You could reduce, by this means, to nothing the work that the exterminator will carry out. Rather than using insecticides, seek professional advice.

Tip no. 5 – Vacuum

Vacuuming frequently can help get rid of bed bugs. Aim for nooks, cracks, baseboards and outlets.

Then seal the bag tightly and throw it in a trash can.

Tip no. 6 – No improvisation

Do not try to experiment or find the miracle method to eradicate bedbugs. Just follow the instructions and advice of your exterminator, this will be the best way to achieve your goals.

Tip no. 7 – take advantage of very cold weather

Below minus eighteen Celsius, bedbugs do not have the ability to survive. Take the opportunity to place your mattress and other items outside for at least three days.

Tip no. 8 – Do not change the furniture

Apart from your exterminator’s instructions, do not change your furniture until the bed bugs have been completely eradicated from the affected room.

And finally tip # 9 – Call in a professional exterminator!

In most cases, you will need to call a exterminator . Take the trouble to verify that you are dealing with a genuine, qualified and competent professional. Improper and inadequate treatment would have the unfortunate consequence of exacerbating the problem.

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