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Tips for detecting a mouse and rat problem

How to detect a mouse and rat problem effectively? Exterminateurs Associés gives you some advice on his most recent blog.

When the months get colder, on the threshold of winter, mice and rats begin a migration process in search of warmth and better comfort. These unscrupulous rodents therefore invade buildings and attics. Knowing how to spot a mouse and rat problem is not always easy, but it can be extremely useful. Whether in terms of hygiene, damage of all kinds or in terms of fire risks, these small animals are second to none.

Mouse and rat problem in your home

There are many distinctive signs that allow the detection of these unwanted rodents. Small droppings, close to black in color, five to ten millimeters long, can indicate the presence of mice. You will find them above all in inaccessible, hidden and dark places. Those of the rat are more significant in terms of size but are not therefore easier to locate, hiding most of the time in walls and under the floor. Uneven lengths will show the reproductive activity of the rodents. Considering an extermination of mice and rats should then be one of your priorities before it is unfortunately too late.

Noises of gnawing or other scratching

Annoying noises emanating from the cellar or the attic are never a good sign. This will very often be a sign that intruders, rodents in addition, have entered the premises. Mice and rats are in fact forced to gnaw constantly for the simple reason that their incisors never stop growing. It is also their very personal way of maintaining their teeth. Add to that the recurring scratching noises and you will be sure to be confronted with a problem of mice and rats.

Presence of fingerprints

Another way to detect the presence of rodents in its habitat will be to observe the presence of footprints in inaccessible and dusty places. The size of the latter will give important indications as to whether they are mice or rats. In any case, this will most likely mean that your home has been invested. The test of the flour on the ground will allow you to corroborate this indelicate presence and to foresee a extermination of mice and rats .

Obvious odors and other traces

An odor reminiscent of ammonia may indicate the presence of mice or rats. This emanation arises through their respective urine and can become very strong as time passes. So much so that some places may be difficult to access due to the highly fetid nature of the smell. Traces of fat can also be left by rodents on the walls or the floor when they move around. It is also an excellent way to trace their course and detect where their nest is located. In any case, do not delay in taking the appropriate measures in the event of a problem with mice and rats.