Guide to getting rid of food moths

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Some tips to get rid of food moths

Food moths are small, gray to beige butterflies that are likely to invade your kitchen.

Their larvae have the particularity of feeding on your stored food, for example flour, rice, spices, cereals, pasta or even animal feed .

Suffice to say that they are real pests and that if you are confronted with them, it will be urgent to get rid of them. The most drastic and the safest method is to bring in a exterminator in Montreal .

However, there are some alternatives when the degree of infection is not too advanced. Let’s try to go through a few of them.

Getting rid of food moths is not always easy!

5 tips to apply in case of their presence

Tip 1: Throw away all contaminated food

If you discover that food moths have infested your stored food, there will unfortunately be no other solution than to throw it all away. Worse, you will also have to part with any peripheral foods that are wrapped in cardboard or plastic. The latter are indeed ideal and popular places for the pests in question to lay their eggs. This radical action will be the price to pay to get rid of food moths, at least to start the decontamination process.

Tip 2: The big cleaning of your cupboards

Once your cupboards have been emptied, it will be time to consider a thorough cleaning of them. Don’t skimp on the means. You also have the option of using cleaning products. On the other hand, no need to play the apprentice chemist. If in doubt, call an exterminator, because only he will know exactly what products to use to sanitize your kitchen.

Tip 3: Plates soaked in pheromones

These plates are small traps, based on glue, for food moths. They are safe for food and have the ability to attract males. Once these are eradicated, females will no longer be able to impregnate. This method can be very interesting to complete the decontamination process when your cupboards are empty.

Tip 4: Get rid of food moths by purchasing jars

To prevent is to cure. Acquiring glass jars will be the best way to get rid of food moths or at least not to be confronted with them again. Then do not keep any packaging boxes or bags. Transfer flour, rice, pasta or other into the jars in question. Be careful, they must be perfectly airtight to fulfill their role.

Tip 5: Vacuum the closets

The idea here is to tackle all the nooks and crannies that could not necessarily be reached through cleaning. Vacuum all sensitive areas, such as screws or any cracks detected. If you find any items in poor condition, do not hesitate to change them.

As a conclusion

Remember that while these alternatives are great ways to get rid of food moths, in the majority of cases it is probably best to call a professional. exterminator in Montreal who is competent and licensed. The latter will be the only one able to totally eradicate these pests.

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UPDATE: MAY 30, 2019