Your home is infested with cockroaches or other unwanted little beasts? To find the insect exterminator you need, consult your insecticide dealer in Montreal!

What is an insecticide and why is it used?

How does an insecticide work?

Exterminators in Montreal, insecticide saleA insecticide is a chemical or biological agent which fights against insects considered to be harmful. It is part of the pesticide family just like fungicides and herbicides. We can use it preventively (without the presence of insects) to prevent their appearance or curatively when they are already installed. The unwanted is eliminated either by inhalation (the insecticide reaches the insect through its respiration), either by contact (the sprayed product directly affects the insect), either by ingestion (the insect eats the treated plant).

Why use an insecticide against harmful insects?

Some insects are vectors of disease, others cause damage to houses. Cockroaches or cockroaches can transmit, among others, salmonellosis, dysentery and typhoid fever. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate them. A cockroach extermination expert in Montreal can advise you.

Most of the insecticides used inside homes are based on pyrethrum, a product of plant origin and chemicals from the same family, synthetic pyrethroids. These substances act on the nervous system insects. However, they can generate dangers for human health (asthma, allergies) and for the environment. For safe use, read the instructions carefully !

Sale of insecticides in Montreal: presentation of three anti-insect products


The Domestic Knock Down

The Knock Down is a product made in Canada. Of plant origin, it contains d-phenothrin and tetramethrin. This insecticide is recommended for the elimination of bed bugs. Presented as a spray, it suffices to spray, by light pressure, the box springs, mattresses, blankets and clothes, privileged places of these little animals. You repeat this operation as many times as necessary until complete eradication of the bugs. As a precaution, be sure to read the label before use.

Professional Onguard Insect P 22-RTU

The professional Onguard P-22-RTU

The Professional Onguard P-22-RTU comes in a 2 liter container. It is an insect repellent composed of water, tetramethrin and permethrin that is spread over areas infested with ants and spiders. It also eliminates flies and mosquitoes. Read the precautions for use on the packaging.

Montreal Pro Insecticide Powder

The Pro-Powder

This Pro-powder is intended to control cockroaches and ants. It is based on pyrethrum (plant of the chrysanthemum family). Its use does not present any danger, neither for humans nor for domestic animals. However, before any use, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on the label. If in doubt, check with a discreet and qualified exterminator.

When to contact the associated exterminators?

To get rid of the bugs that infest your home, take it step by step.

  • Clean your home regularly. It is essential to keep your house clean (especially the kitchen, bathroom and toilet) because cockroaches, who are always in search of food and water, find their happiness there.

Regularly clean your home

Use insecticide products

  • Use insecticide products. Seek advice from a store specializing in the sale of insecticide. He will recommend the right product for each type of insect.

Call a professional insect exterminator

  • Call a professional insect exterminator.

When you notice that, despite your attempts, you have not overcome your parasites, it is necessary to call in a specialist in extermination cockroach and other insects. Indeed, the problem may worsen and you and your family run a real danger of contamination.

To contact a professional specializing in cockroach extermination in Montreal, Click here . After an assessment of the situation, a free estimate is offered to you, the result is guaranteed. A discreet exterminator comes to your home and performs a final cockroach extermination.

Although most of the insecticides used in homes are based on so-called “non-toxic” plant substances, it nevertheless remains allergy risks , even poisoning . If your home is infested with cockroaches or cockroaches, only a qualified and experienced professional can get rid of them!