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What to do if you have a wasp nest?

Wasps are insects that are as useful as they are disturbing. Most of the time annoying, even downright threatening, wasps are nevertheless insects capable of rendering many services, especially to gardeners. The question is often what to do with a wasp nest.

Let’s take a closer look at the various solutions that are available to you if you are facing this problem.

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Infographic -Wasp Nest what to do, Associated Exterminators

A wasp nest can be a danger

Wasps are extremely well organized insects, possessing the ability to build paper or underground nests. The occupants of the nest will not survive the first frosts of autumn and the whole colony will disappear, except the young fertilized queens who will have the privilege of being able to withstand the winter cold. At the start of the season, the nest’s life expectancy is at its peak, but the number of inhabitants is still low and the size of the nest relatively small. The more time passes and the more it increases, but together, life expectancy decreases as we approach autumn.

A wasp nest is likely to represent a real danger to humans, but in any case, the situation must be assessed before taking any action.

What to do concretely when faced with a wasp nest?

Wasp nests found in the wild, outside high traffic areas, are not a potential threat to the population and therefore should not be eradicated. Remember that wasps play a very important role in nature, if only by pollinating but also by devouring the pests of our gardens. If, on the other hand, the nest in question is located directly on the edge of your house or more serious at the level of the roof, it is necessary to intervene. If the nest is easily accessible and perfectly visible, it can be disposed of with commercial insecticides. This maneuver should be performed early in the morning in order to surprise the wasps in their sleep.

It is sometimes necessary to start again several times before coming to the end of a nest and in any case, it will be necessary to remain extremely careful if one chose this option.

Call an exterminator

If the nest is large or not accessible, it will be much better to call in an exterminator. The latter will be able to eradicate the colony in a few minutes in a completely secure manner. Professionals know exactly how to approach the destruction of a nest depending on the nature of the context and will be able to render it inoperative without any difficulty. Relying on an exterminator is generally the best solution because it avoids the potential accidents that can occur in the event of improper handling of the nest.

A disturbed wasp colony can indeed be extremely aggressive and dangerous. You could very quickly lose control of the situation and put yourself in unnecessary danger.

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