How to Prepare Your Home for Professional Mice Extermination

Are you tired of field mice scurrying around the house? Are they causing you and your family to lose sleep at night? There is no doubt having mice visitors annoys you and leaves you with a sense that you are living in a home that feels “unclean” because of mice excrement. Also, you must realize there is always a possibility you and your family are being exposed to issues with mice disease.  If you have been trying to get rid of field mice in the house on your own, you have likely discovered it’s a battle, one that you might not be winning. If that’s the case, it might be time to wave the white flag and call in the big guns, that being a professional mice exterminator like Exterminateurs Associés and here is how you can prepare your home for professional mice extermination.


Preparing for Professional Mice Control

After placing the emergency call for help with trying to get rid of field mice in the house, there are some steps you can take to get the home ready for the arrival of a professional mice exterminator. These steps are necessary if you want the professional exterminator’s mice control efforts to be effective. To that end, here are six steps you should follow:

1. Identify Entry and Access Points and Nesting Areas to Help for Mice Extermination

Mice seek refuge in houses to escape the elements and look for food. If you pay attention and take a good look around the home, you should be able to locate the entry points mice are using to access your home. We would suggest looking for large wall/floor cracks, unsealed windows, openings in the basement/attic, and in the chimney. Also, mice are quite capable of crawling through pipes and plumbing fixtures.

Before the exterminator arrives, you should do what you can to seal entry points and remove nesting areas. Why? Once the mice are gone, you don’t want your little visitors coming back to haunt you and your family.

2. De-Clutter the Home and Possible Mice Hiding Spots

As the exterminator goes to work, they will want everything cleared out of the way so they can treat all the areas they believe need to be treated. Your de-cluttering efforts, to prepare your home for mice extermination, should include:

  • Removal of all trash in the house
  • Picking everything up off the floor and storing it in a safe place
  • Clean out underneath sinks, beds, and low sitting furniture
  • Wash all furniture coverings and bedding
  • Sweep up dust and dirt wherever applicable

By the way, the exterminator will need to look under the house if there is a crawl space. You should remove any obstructions that would get in the way of them doing that.

3. Open Curtains and Shutters for Clear View

As your professional exterminator surveys your house for a plan of attack, they need to be able to see clearly throughout the house. That includes under beds/sinks/furniture, in storage areas, and in the basement/attic. Your job is to make sure there is plenty of lighting so they can see and operate as quickly and efficiently as possible. You can furnish that light by opening window coverings and turning on lights.

4. Seal and Store All Food Containers when Having Mice Extermination at Home

The pesticides/chemicals the exterminator might choose to use could be toxic to humans. For the protection of you and your family, you will want to make sure that all food and drink items and completely sealed and stored out of harm’s way as much as possible. Since most of the exterminator’s efforts will be focused on flooring areas, storing food in cupboards as high up as possible is highly recommended.

5. Secure Children’s Toys/Cribs/Clothes

You have to do everything possible to protect your kids from extermination products. You can do that by covering beds and cribs, storing toys and clothes in secure storage areas, and having the children removed from the premises during the treatment process. Your professional exterminator should be able to tell you how long the children should remain away from the home before safely returning.

6. Remove Pets From House

Toxins and chemicals could also adversely affect your pets. If you have hamsters, cats, dogs, or any other type of four-legged critters, it would be a really good idea to see if a neighbour could provide your pet or pets with safe refuge until your exterminator says it’s safe for pets to return. If keeping them outside is feasible, you might also consider that option.

As a pre-emptive measure, you should inform your professional exterminators before they arrive (when you schedule for service) that you have children, pets, or both. They will use that information as they create a strategy to help protect your family from future mice disease and mice excrement issues.

You are within your rights to attempt to handle mice control on your own. However, caution is warranted if you decide to use chemicals. Perhaps, a far better option would be to put your safety and the safety of your family in the hands of professional mice exterminators.

If you are looking for a mice extermination in your area, Exterminateurs Associésv is the call to make. Our well-trained exterminators have all the knowledge and tools/products they will need to handle your mice problem effectively and efficiently. When you are ready, please give us a call for immediate response and service at prices that are affordable and competitive.