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There are several precautions to treat bed bugs

Treating bed bugs requires thoroughness and precaution. Exterminateurs Associés demystifies the steps to follow during such treatment.

If you have unfortunately detected the presence of bedbugs in your home, it is imperative that you are able to react as quickly as possible. For this, you should consider only one solution: call in a competent and certified exterminator. Stopping a bedbug infestation is a complex process that requires professional intervention. Trying to apprehend it differently, for example with products sold in stores, could not only worsen the situation but be dangerous for your health. Treating bed bugs is not something you can improvise.

Preparation of the premises before the exterminator’s intervention

Before carrying out the treatment of bedbugs through your exterminator, it is essential to prepare the premises so that the latter can be able to intervene in the best possible conditions. Start by tidying up and putting away all the objects that could clutter up the intervention space. Empty all of your furniture as well as cupboards, drawers and bookcases. Take a close look at the condition of your mattresses and vacuum infested areas. Be careful with this operation as the bed bugs will survive inside the bag itself. You should therefore immediately put the latter inside another completely airtight bag and then throw the whole thing in a trash can, outside your home. Wash clothes as well as all fabrics, curtains or the like. Then put them in a dryer for half an hour, making sure to program it on a high enough temperature. In any case, once this preparation is done, you will have to follow the exterminator’s instructions. Even though the cold can kill bedbugs, from minus eighteen degrees Celsius, do not take action at this level without the approval of a certified professional. Only the latter will be able to tell you exactly what to do or not to do depending on the nature of the context and how to treat bedbugs.

Recommendations for use once the extermination has been carried out

When the exterminator has finished the treatment, it is imperative to respect the deadline that he will have set for you before being able to return to your accommodation. Remember to sufficiently ventilate each room treated and carry out regular checks to detect if bed bugs are not yet present. Once you are sure that all of these have been exterminated, you can return the objects and clothing to the affected areas.

Guarding against the return of bedbugs

Don’t make a habit of accumulating a lot of unnecessary items that you don’t serve or move. Be uncompromising when it comes to hygiene and vacuum as often as possible. You should also be very careful if you buy old furniture or books in second-hand shops. Inspect them thoroughly. Never carry your pillow when traveling and do not put your clothes in the drawers when you are at the hotel.

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