Three preconceived ideas explained by an expert exterminator in Montreal.

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Autumn is coming with its share of not necessarily desirable invaders in our homes. Rats and mice feel the Quebec cold coming and seek to protect themselves from it by coming to settle comfortably with us. How to effectively exterminate these rodents? First of all, to track down these pests, you have to twist your neck to some preconceived ideas. Here are the explanations of a professional mouse exterminator.


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It is necessary to put cheese on the traps to exterminate the rodents, because that is what they prefer.


It’s wrong, mice and rats don’t disdain cheese, but it is not their favorite meal at all! They’ll eat cheese if they can’t find anything else. Mice are not picky and rats, like mice, are omnivorous. That is to say, they eat everything. When they have a choice, they are more attracted to sugary foods (therefore fruit). They also like proteins (including insects), vegetables, and seeds and grains.

Did you know that mice and rats are sensitive to the taste of food? They are able to distinguish the salty from the sweet or from the acidity. This is useful to them, as they do not have the ability to regurgitate food. If they want to make sure that what they want is edible, they have to lick it first. They can thus, depending on the taste, determine whether they can consume the food.


Their sense of smell is also particularly developed. Thus, when eradicating with traps, baits with a volatile odor should be used. The mouse exterminators and professional rats advocate the use of peanut butter. It is an excellent bait: it gives off an appetizing smell and it can be stored for a long time in the open air, without damaging it.


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The poison dries up the rodent corpse to prevent foul odors


According to our exterminator in Montreal , this statement is false. The poison, also called the rodenticide , is a pest control product intended to kill rodents, but it does not scum their body. If by chance you come across a dried-up mouse corpse, it has been there for a long time. It was the weather that made it dry, not the poison.


When the animal absorbs the rodenticide , he dies and the fluids stop circulating in his body. It then decomposes and the flesh begins to rot. When the body of the rodent is small in size, the unpleasant odor is noticeable for two or three days and is not very bothersome. On the other hand, if it is a larger rat, putrefaction will be a real problem. The smell quickly becomes unbearable and later, when the temperatures are favorable, the worms and the scavenging insects (dermest, attagens and others) will quickly colonize the corpse.


The mouse exterminators advise not to place rodenticides inside the house. Indeed, rodents tend to go into hiding to die and their corpses are often inaccessible. In addition, children and pets are at risk of poisoning.


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Having a cat or a dog is an effective solution to getting rid of rats and mice.


Once again, according to the expertise of our exterminator in Montreal, this is false. Without compromising your pet’s hunting abilities, it cannot, on its own, stop the invasion. If your kitty proudly places his prey in front of the door (when it’s not inside!), It remains an occasional catch. An animal cannot fight a rodent invasion on its own. Because there is always an invasion: mice and rats reproduce easily all year round. A single female mouse can have up to 60 cubs per year.

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Before hiring the services of a mouse exterminator, here are some common sense measures to follow at home:

– Close, caulk doors, windows and easily accessible entry points.

– Avoid water leaks under the sink.

– Install grilles in the ventilation ducts.

– Keep your kitchen clean, as well as garbage cans (including compost bins).

– Store dry food in sturdy, airtight containers.


If despite everything you do not manage to cope with the invasion, our team of exterminators in Montreal and its surroundings will put all its know-how at your service.


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