Exterminator fruit flies

French name

Drosophila (vinegar fly, fruit fly)


Scientific name

Drosophila melanogaster



The fruit flies are annoying little flies that often come into our homes in summer. They reproduce very quickly and can become a real headache on a daily basis, if we do not act immediately to eradicate them. How to get rid of fruit flies? Here are some possible solutions.

Identify the origin of Drosophila

It is important to know your enemy well before attacking him. The species of Drosophila fly that you encounter in your home belongs to the order Diptera. Its eyes are red and its striped yellowish-brown body measures approximately 4mm.

Most of the time when they appear in your kitchen, they arrive with your shopping basket, either from the local grocery store or from the market, encrusted in a fruit with their eggs.

They can also come from outside, in this case from the compost in the yard. But the grocery store trail is the most believable.

Fruit fly infestation in the house: how to spot their nests?

If fruit flies have taken up residence in your home, it is no coincidence. These unwanted insects have found something to like there. This species and their larvae feed on ripe fruits and vegetables in decomposition (bruised peaches, ripe strawberries, blackened bananas, rotten apples…) as well as fermented products such as beer, wine, vinegar, cider.

This fly searches for humid environments to lay its eggs: kitchen sink, floors and drains for sinks and sinks in the bathroom, garbage cans, compost. The larvae will then migrate to a dry environment where they will grow in the form of nymphs, then will turn into a fly by several dozen. At this point, it is an infestation situation.

As they reproduce at a crazy speed (the female is able to lay up to 35 eggs per day), we see them everywhere. They flutter around windows, disturbing kitchens and bathrooms, attracted by the smells of alcohol and fermented drinks. It is clear, we must get rid of it at all costs!


Photo of fruit fly infestation at home Exterminateurs AssociésGo on the offensive by cleaning your home well

The cleanliness of your home and in particular that of your kitchen and your bathroom is a must to say goodbye to fruit flies. By maintaining a strict hygiene rule, you will eliminate the larvae in real time before their transformation into flies.

Eat quickly or carefully protect your ripe fruit, paying special attention to apples, pineapples, bananas, and vegetables like tomato. Throw trash, peels, and other kitchen scraps in the trash so they don’t sit around on tables and counters for hours.

As for any spilled liquids or food crumbs that have fallen on the floor, clean them up immediately. Sponge up any spills on the stovetop and walls. Wash dishes, glasses and plates promptly after meals, especially on hot days. It goes without saying that we should not keep dirty household water. Throw it away immediately.

Eliminate sources of moisture as much as possible. Examine your sponges, your damp cloths: wash them in hot water mixed with vinegar or bleach. Dry outside.

Take out the garbage regularly and keep your garbage bag tightly closed. If you are using a bin, wash the bottom after emptying the bag, especially if any liquid has escaped. Empty your compost bin every day and sanitize the surroundings.


Eliminate the most reckless flies

In principle, having a healthy interior should be enough to eliminate them from your apartment. But if, despite everything, you cannot get rid of it completely, the fruit fly infestation in your house is too high. So how do you get rid of fruit flies?

It is therefore time to call on a team of experts to assist you in identifying foci of infection, and put an end to the discomfort that the presence of these flies causes you.

These insects are often a sign that your pipes need to be cleaned. Flies lay their eggs in the gunk that forms in the walls of drain pipes. Especially when these are clogged and they no longer drain the wastewater properly.

Associated exterminators – Exterminateur Montréal will know how to solve your problem by providing you with the solution adapted to your situation. In addition, he will advise you on the implementation of preventive measures.

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