LThe price of an exterminator for bed bugs or for mice you will understand varies enormously depending on different factors. Beforehand, a certified exterminator will ask you various questions to be taken into consideration when setting the price. Like many sectors of activity, extermination work is very competitive in Montreal and the surrounding area. For this reason, we have chosen to share with you the range of prices offered on the market rather than a fixed price. Without further ado, discover the factors influencing the price of an extermination service as well as the price ranges for the specific extermination of bedbugs and mice.

Note that the prices suggested in this article are limited to the treatment of a 4 ½, because we are seeing greater demand in the residential sector. In addition, the fees may vary depending on the distance to be traveled to get to your home.

Price of an exterminator in Montreal for bed bugs

What are the influencing factors on the price of an exterminator ?

During a service call, the following factors will be taken into consideration to assess the workload to be performed by a technician:

  • nature of the problem,
  • covered area,
  • number of treatments,
  • warranty and inspection fees.

The exterminator does not work the same way to treat a problem with mice or bedbugs. Indeed, the time of a treatment differs from one pest to another. The step of identifying parasites or rodents present in a building comes into play. Most of the time, individuals can communicate by email or phone to find out what type of bug they are dealing with. We strongly suggest that you take a picture of the insect or rodent that you have seen in order to make an initial screening as to the presence of pests.

The price may change depending on the area to be inspected and treated. You can very well understand that a 4 ½ apartment will be smaller to cover than a multi-storey house. Among the extermination services depending on the type of building, we find residential, commercial and industrial extermination which have different prices due to the nature of human activity.

Many customers are surprised to find that the intervention of a technician sometimes requires several treatments.

It is even sometimes seen as a way to get rich off the backs of people.

We want to assure you that a certified exterminator will tell you as soon as a quote is sent the number of treatments to be expected. There are also price offers for multiple treatments. You must therefore take into consideration that a pest management company will not charge you an amount for each visit. The total price is calculated according to the situation of each one.

There is also a final factor to consider in choosing to hire a particular exterminator: warranty and inspection fees. No one wants to work for free. This is why most exterminators ask to pay an amount between $ 75 and $ 125 for inspection fees. However, it is good to know that this amount will be deducted from the final invoice if you are dealing with them.

The other aspect to consider in your choice is to question the exterminator about the guarantee of the treatment. Generally, a guaranteed treatment is between 2 and 6 months. On the other hand, there is in some cases an absence of guarantee when the situation has been aggravated by a person other than the technician who carried out the treatment. This is the case with a person buying products from an inefficient big box store or moving furniture that only pushes unwanted people elsewhere.

Now that you have a better understanding of the situation, we invite you to consult the stages of preparation for the extermination of bedbugs and the overview of the cost of treating bedbugs.

The price of an exterminator for bedbugs

As mentioned above, inspection fees will be requested for the trip of a technician to your home. Expect to pay the sum of $ 50 to $ 100 which is subtracted during processing. When an exterminator visits, he will detect the places where bedbugs are present (mattresses, pillows, sheets, box spring, etc.).

Among the factors that an exterminator considers in pricing, please note the extent of the problem and the area to be treated. The price scale for a bed bug extermination service in Montreal is around $ 250 to $ 600 per treatment.

Some exterminators may offer the heat treatment which will increase the cost on the bill because it is a very expensive machine. Indeed, it is a very specific technique where the technician operates electronically outside the premises.

Only downside: for several hours, the heat treatment reaches up to 50 degrees Celsius and can be damaging to surrounding plastic elements.

Generally speaking, a single treatment is not sufficient to resolve the problem, so several visits are to be expected. In the case of an apartment building, the exterminator suggested that the landlord treat neighboring dwellings, as bed bugs move at lightning speed.

Plus, using homemade products and / or hardware can even drive up the bill, because instead of eradicating bedbugs, you could move them elsewhere. This is why it is always recommended to call in professional exterminators who will use the appropriate insecticides. Again, prices are indicative and every situation is different.

The price of an exterminator for mice

The mouse species will vary the price for the rodent extermination . In Quebec, there are three very invasive mouse species: the deer mouse, the white-footed mouse and the house mouse . On average, the price of a treatment varies between $ 200 and $ 400. On the other hand, additional services such as caulking can increase the bill to more than $ 650.

Get a written guarantee and a free estimate from an exterminator in Montreal

The Exterminateurs Associés team makes sure to provide a free estimate to all its clients. In this submission, the exterminator will make sure to detail the work that will be carried out on the premises. We guarantee all our prices in writing and seek complete customer satisfaction. By calling on competent professionals like us, you will be assured of a fair and honest job. You will have a clear picture of the situation and how to proceed to eradicate the pests.

For more information, on areas served by our extermination service , please consult the neighborhood and / or city pages that we have created for you.

In addition, please note that we do not offer not the service of capture / rehousing of wild animals such as marmots, skunks, raccoons …