Pavement ants - What is a pavement ant?

What is a pavement ant?

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Definition of a pavement ant

Pavement ants are ants that usually take up residence under sidewalks and at the edge of buildings. They are often confused with other ants that do not necessarily have the same characteristics or the same behavior. So let’s review what a pavement ant is in order to better understand its different specificities.

The pavement ant builds its nest on concrete structures such as sidewalks or building foundations. When temperatures get colder, it takes refuge inside them in search of warmth and food. It is therefore likely to invade garages, basements and nooks and crannies of the cellar. She appreciates hard and concrete surfaces. Pavement ants can carry germs as well as disease. It is therefore essential to get rid of them quickly if they get into your home.


The distinctive signs of the pavement ant

Usually dark brown in color, the pigmentation of the pavement ant can also vary between reddish brown and black. It measures between two and four millimeters, with the exception of the queen which is twice as large. Its head and thorax are made up of easily distinguishable grooves. The pavement ant lives outdoors under rocks, near sidewalks and even on lawns, in dirt and sand. It feeds on honey and plant secretions. It occasionally invades homes to feed on fatty or sugary foods, and settles in walls, under baseboards and floors. It prefers humid places.


Behavior and habits of the pavement ant

The pavement ant evolves in colonies that can number several thousand individuals. A queen can produce up to 20 eggs per day. When they are seen inside your home, it becomes urgent to detect the location of the nest.