Deer mice, white-footed mice and common gray mice, certain species of mice are particularly invasive and represent a nuisance when they colonize and proliferate in our homes and public premises. These species are fond of urban areas and do not hesitate to invest our homes where they find the conditions conducive to their expansion (humidity, heat and food).

The source of much material damage in our homes, these harmful hosts are also vectors of potentially dangerous diseases, most of which are transmissible to humans.

Particularly prolific, the invasion of these rodents has been on the rise for several years and affects around 9% of households in Montreal, according to a survey by the DSP (Direction de Santé Publique).

The quality of life and the health risks involved must not be neglected. From the first signs of infestation (droppings, urine deposits, etc.), the best alternative to stem the proliferation of these undesirable is to quickly contact exterminators in Montreal for get rid of mice definitely and regain a healthy environment.

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What is a mouse?

Animal whose activity is mainly nocturnal, the mouse is a small rodent mammal whose size reaches about 20 cm at maturity and weighs between 10 and 50 grams. Their very early sexual maturity promotes extremely rapid reproduction (up to 15 litters per year).

Endowed with an excellent sense of balance, a very developed hearing and smell, the common (or house) gray mouse is distinguished by its brown coat on the back and dark gray on the belly, a pointed muzzle , small eyes, big ears and a long tail.

A real scourge of our homes, these rodents are active all year round and cause significant health and material nuisances which require urgent intervention by mouse exterminators .

Why extermination of mice is important

A real public health issue, the presence of mice in a building causes health damage which is not without consequences on human health. These intruders contaminate our environment with their excreta (saliva, urine, excrement) and contaminate our living spaces.

Mice are known to health services to carry many pathogens (bacteria, viruses and parasites), the cause of certain potentially fatal diseases transmissible to humans and domestic animals (salmonellosis, leptospirosis, Hanta virus, among others. ).

Repellents and mouse traps are temporary solutions

To fight against the invasion of mice, the use of certain chemical (repellents) and physical (traps) devices is a solution that only temporarily regulates the intrusion of these pests in our homes.

To effectively control rodent infestation and site decontamination, the mouse repellent and trapping must be combined with preventive measures and health precautions against the intrusion of pests (search for and condemn access points, remove nesting areas and food sources, etc.).

Why choose an exterminator for your mouse problem?

The mice are very agile and fit into the smallest gap in your frame, causing considerable material damage.

To quickly fight against the intrusion of mice in your living space, only a certified exterminator is able to accomplish the essential steps of locating and plugging the areas where mice enter your home.

Whatever the configuration of your accommodation (bungalow or duplex), the exterminators carry out a meticulous exterior check of your building to identify and condemn the access points to your interior.

The know-how of the exterminator is essential to detect the presence of mice on a site, to determine its species and its behavioral characteristics to carry out a extermination of mice and methodical and final cleaning up of your home, in accordance with current health regulations.

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