Lhe German cockroach (cockroach) adopts surprising behaviors that deserve our attention. These disgusting critters are usually very unpopular as roommates.

Aside from longing to get rid of it for good, have you ever considered that a cockroach turns on its back ? Under what circumstances does this happen?

Here’s a look at their lifestyle and what prompts them to lie on their backs:

  1. The life cycle of cockroaches
  2. How cockroaches reproduce
  3. Why there german cockroach is she on her back?
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1. The life cycle of cockroaches

This insect grows ideally in places where the temperature is 25 ° C. Under these conditions, a female lives about 280 days , from laying to death (including 3 months in the larval state).


These critters have a very active sex life! A female mates 5-8 times in 80 days. She keeps eggshells in her vaginal tract, which each contain 20-40 eggs.


When the ootheca has matured, the female deposits her cockroach nest in a suitable, warm and dark place (such as sheltered corners, the back of a loose wall covering, seeds, etc.). An endangered female ejects the ootheca she is carrying, hence the legend that claims that when you crush a cockroach, it gives birth to its offspring.

2. How cockroaches reproduce

There are thousands of species of cockroaches. The so-called Germanic variety becomes sexually mature after about 40 days, under ideal development conditions.


A cockroach can form up to 7 egg pockets in its short existence. Reproduction begins with the first moult. The first pouch is laid by the female around 7 to 14 days after fertilization. Therefore, it only takes a few individuals to generate a true cockroach infestation in a short time … a real nightmare !


The female carries the egg pouch inside her body and feeds it during incubation. It also reduces its activity to a minimum during this incubation period. The female absorbs water, the pressure of which she uses, to expel the pouch of eggs.


The young larvae are abandoned near a water point, given that their range of action is limited at this stage. The cockroach mutates up to 6 times in the larval state.


Now that you know more about their mode of reproduction, you will understand that it is impossible to overcome them yourself and that it is important to entrust the task to a cockroach exterminator .

3. Why does the German cockroach roll on its back?

Did you know that cockroaches’ eyes are located at the height of their backs? To die, they prefer to turn around so as not to be bothered by the light. When these insects feel that their end is near, even very weakened, they deploy all their energy to turn as best they can on their backs.

Rolling over on their backs can also be a defense ploy for cockroaches: they can simulate death. Not all returned cockroaches necessarily die. Some try to stand up with all their strength, but give up after getting tired, and play death. If someone touches them with a broom, for example, their paws grip the bristles and they straighten up. Then, they will flee at full speed into the dark corners of a room.

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