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The use of a certified professional for a guarantee of quality

What is the difference between a certified exterminator and one who is not, Exterminateurs Associés, photo

Why choose a certified exterminator?

First of all, the pests that invade your home or your business are a source of considerable nuisance. The priority is to exterminate them. But urgency should not rhyme with precipitation. It is best to take a few moments to choose the professional you want to hire. A certified exterminator will carry out the elimination of unwanted beings in accordance with the quality standards imposed on him. Compliance with these certification standards is essential to ensure both efficiency and your safety. Indeed, these interventions require the use of specific products. The certification guarantees the use of ecological products, both efficient and environmentally friendly. This type of product requires specific know-how and training.


A certified exterminator for the final elimination of your pests

Certified exterminators use products and methods that guarantee:

  • occupant safety,
  • the final elimination of pests.

Before each intervention, an estimate must be made. He will mention in particular the number of visits necessary for a final extermination of the pests.

Thus, the certification guarantees you:

  • the transparency of the professional’s intervention,
  • the effectiveness of the treatment,
  • compliance with safety instructions.

It should be noted that you can ask the exterminator for his official certificate at any time. This will assure you of the professionalism to which you. The role of certified exterminators is therefore not only to carry out an intervention. Moreover, he supports you thanks to their expertise and their knowledge of pests, ranging from rodents to insects. Visit our website for more information on our extermination services .


The content of the exterminator certification


The exterminator certifications aim to provide a framework for professional practices intended to reassure customers. In other words, the establishment of a quality charter helps greatly. Certificates of exterminators and companies are issued by the MELCC . The associations aim to bring together and guarantee the professional practices of certified companies. Membership of these associations allows their members to benefit from:

  • insect study specialists,
  • documentary resources,
  • continuous training through colloquiums, conferences,
  • etc.


Photo of an uncertified exterminator, Montreal, Exterminateurs Associés

Cartoon of an uncertified exterminator

Associations, such as Canadian Association of Pest Management or the Quebec Association of Pest Management also offer recourse as a mediator between certified exterminator and clients.

Article updated: November 11, 2019