Industrial extermination

You are no doubt familiar with the expression “Prevention is better than cure”.

This is also valid when it comes to infestation of harmful parasites, insects or rodents. For the good development of your business, you must make sure that the working environment is perfectly pleasant and above all conducive for all the staff.

However, even with efficient equipment and quality furniture, it is difficult for you to enjoy optimal comfort as long as rodents or insects frequent your premises. Individuals also come across more or less similar circumstances: furniture devoured by insects, windows and doors sheltering a wasp nest, walls with holes in rodents …

It is therefore essential to get rid of it. In such a situation, you can trust us completely. We take care of all the necessary measures to offer you a unique and above all comfortable environment.

Specialized in industrial extermination for several years and certified by the Minister of the Environment of Quebec, our company offers quality solutions perfectly suited to your needs.

To exterminate parasites and rodents?

Parasites or rodents, this can pose a danger to your business. In addition, their presence on your premises is viewed with a very negative eye by all your prospects, suppliers and employees. This is why it is necessary at all costs to put in place radical and above all effective measures to eliminate all the problems linked to their infestation.

We are fully aware of the realities and especially the problems experienced by our prospects in the industrial sector. As a result, we intervene very quickly and discreetly to allow them to continue their activities without any disturbance or interruption. We process your request as quickly as possible.

To reassure you, we intervene at your business address with an unidentified vehicle. So you can be sure that your neighborhood will not have noticed anything, let alone your customers and partners.

Obviously, our certified and highly qualified industrial exterminator offers you careful work, with certified products, to preserve your health and that of those around you.

Take advantage of our tailor-made solutions to provide a comfortable working environment

Our work is guaranteed and our staff will not leave your premises until a prevention plan fully adapted to your needs has been established.
We thoroughly identify pests, insects and rodents in your building through interior and exterior inspection.

We also identify the problems that can also be linked to the infestation such as poor waste management, the area where the parasite enters and leaves without being noticed, things that might attract it …

Well trained for all situations, our team of professionals has a perfect knowledge of the behavior of insects and rodents. It is therefore able to exterminate them safely and very quickly before their proliferation. We use traps and traps on strategic points.

If necessary, we can use rongicides in the walls for safe control for you, your employees, your goods and your prospects.

We also provide you with a notebook detailing all the key points to consider for better pest management. Our exterminators will always be at your disposal to advise you and assist you personally in your project. Industrial extermination