Industrial pest extermination services tailored to your business sector

You’re no doubt familiar with the expression: “Prevention is better than cure”. If so, you’ll also understand the need for industrial extermination companies.

Our team ofCPGA, NPMA andEnvironnement Québec certified exterminators has been providing quality solutions for 50 years!

Since 1975, Exterminateurs Associés has been providing large-scale pest extermination services to the Montreal industry. Always ready to serve, our team of expert exterminators is known for exceeding customer expectations.

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Any company or industrial workplace wishing to ensure its smooth operation and inspire confidence must offer a working environment as well as adequate and safe indoor and outdoor spaces to all its personnel, as well as to its customers, suppliers, collaborators and controllers.

That said, it’s hard to thrive in a workplace where rodents and insects are present, which is a danger to any business. Whether you’re talking about furniture ravaged by insects, doors or windows harboring wasp nests or walls pierced by rodents, let us take care of your infestation problem without delay.

Service d'extermination Montréal, Exterminateurs Associés Inc.
Vue aérienne d'un bâtiment industriel commun à Montréal et ses environs.

Certified by the Ministère de l’Environnement du Québec

Certified certified by the Ministère de l’Environnement du Québec, and with unrivalled experience in industrial extermination since 1975, Exterminateurs Associés takes all the necessary steps to provide quality solutions that respect the specific norms and standards of your industry, to give you back an optimal working environment.

Our extermination solutions for pests and rodents

We are fully aware of the realities and challenges facing our industry customers. That said, we offer fast, unobtrusive handling of the problem, so they can get on with their business without a hitch or interruption. To avoid alerting the neighborhood, and especially customers and partners, we always arrive at the infestation site with an unmarked vehicle.

With our team of highly qualified industrial exterminators, you can rest assured that you’ll benefit from expert, meticulous work using certified products that are safe for you and those around you.

Un exterminateur industriel vêtu d'une combinaison hazmat et tenant un pulvérisateur le long d'un mur blanc.

Take advantage of our customized solutions for an optimal work environment

How we do it: following a thorough interior and exterior inspection of the premises, we identify the pests, then point out any problems potentially linked to the infestation, such as poor waste management, strategic entry and exit points for pests or rodents, elements likely to attract pests, etc.

Trained for any eventuality, our team of professionals has the knowledge to understand the behavior of different pests, and the know-how to prevent their proliferation and exterminate them. With the help of radical and above all effective measures, including traps, traps and fungicides, the work will be carried out with the highest level of safety for you, your employees, your customers, and the merchandise!

All our interventions are guaranteed, and our staff will not leave the premises until a prevention plan fully adapted to your needs has been drawn up. We’ll give you a leaflet detailing the key points to consider for better pest management, and our exterminators will remain at your disposal to advise and closely accompany you in your industrial extermination project.