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Since 1972, our our certified pest control specialists have brought their “know how” to all those needing relaible and superior quality pest management service. We provide service for home owners, building and appartment block owners, commercial companies, big industry companies and finally institutional buildings throughout Greater Montreal.

If you fear the presence of pests or rodents in your hoe or work area, call today and trus that the best exterminators in Montreal will be able to help. We are committed to ensuring that all work accomplished is performed with discretion and to the satisfaction of our customers. Call (514) 351-8989 today!

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Pest control and management since 1972!

Bugs, insects and rodents can wreak havoc on a home or business, bringing frustration and a multitude of problems to its occupants. Indeed, they can harm the health of your family and your children, scare away your customers or even lead to food or material losses.

Insects and rodents multiply very quickly in a closed environment. Therefore, it is important to act quickly following the first appearances of the any and all pests. These pests can transmit diseases to humans, as well as destroy or even feed on a residence! A certified exterminator in pest control in Montreal can get rid of the annoyance of an infestation before these insects cause you more damage and worry.

Our expertise in extermination in Montreal

Our exterminators are qualified to get rid of these little pests in no time and with all the discretion you can expect from anextermination services company.

Each exterminator that we employ is trained to know the behavior of each pest to be able to take measures to assure the effective eradication of them quickly.

At Exterminateurs Associés, we treat several types of insectes, bugs and parasites. We are equipped to effectively get rid of ants, cockroaches, bedbugs, mice and rats. We are able to offer a insect, bug and parasite identification services. It is important to clearly identify the parasites that we will be dealing with in order to eradicate them adequately. We offer you a discreet, fast and quality extermination service. Our exterminators move through the Greater Montreal area and the surrounding area for a free estimate, and we guarantee all our prices and the performance of our work in writing.

Extermination of insects and rodents

For quick control of unwanted insects and rodents, call on Exterminateurs Associés. We are specialized in extermination rats, mice, bedbugs, ants, cockroaches and more. Our extermiator and pest control prices are amongst the most competitive in the Greater Montreal area…you can be assured of this. Do not fall for overly appealing pest control prices given to you over the phone. Call for an estimation first, get a good understanding then schedule an appointment. Our certified and experienced staff use efficient methods and whenever posible use safe and modern methods to rid any pests plaguing your home or work area. Indeed, With regard to the pest control in general, our industry is governed by various regulations. Certain procedures, particularly as they relate to food establishments, must always be followed.

Our exterminators are professional and knowledgeable, and know the behaviors of these insects. They are therefore able to eliminate them quickly, effectively and safely in order to prevent possible spread. We use products that meet nationally established standards to protect the health of your family or staff.

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Free estimate and guaranteed


Our estimates are completely free and you will benefit from a guarantee for all our treatments. We also offer pest identification service and full in-store customer service.

When we provide you with an estimate, we do not deviate from it. We guarantee that the treatments will be carried out within the allotted time, according to the established standards and at the price agreed during the estimate. We assure you a professional and quality work carried out by a certified exterminator . With Associated Exterminators, the parasites will leave the premises for good, guaranteed!

However, please note that eradicating some pests or rodents may require more than a visit from us. If so, we’ll mention it in the estimate.

On-site service in Montreal


If you prefer to come and meet us, our on-site advisers will provide you with free advice that could avoid you having to visit a home extermination expert. Certain restrictions may apply in exceptional circumstances. If your pest problem is recent, you may be able to eradicate it yourself. To do this, you can purchase our extermination products in store. You may also just need to identify the type of bugs or rodents that are causing you trouble. We also offer this service in store. Bring us an insect that you have captured or photographed and we will be able to identify it for you.

Discretion assured and large area served

If your infestation problem requires an exterminator to come for an estimate, we assure you that the visit will be carried out with the utmost discretion. We know that this kind of visit can be embarrassing and can damage your reputation. We are committed to preserving it. Our vehicles do not bear any identification and therefore guarantee that our visit is carried out with the utmost discretion.

Our vehicles are unidentified and we get the job done with minimal visibility. We serve the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Our team can travel to Montreal , at Laval or the South Shore . We can also offer you service in English.

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