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Cockroaches pest control in Montreal

Cockroache pest control in Montreal The cockroach is certainly the species among the most common insects in places of residence and commerce in Quebec. In this city, the cockroach or cockroach is commonly called cockroach.cockroach extermination in Montreal is a real problem. The presence of cockroaches is not necessarily a [...]

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What to do when you have mice at home?

Deer mice, white-footed mice and common gray mice, certain species of mice are particularly invasive and represent a nuisance when they colonize and proliferate in our homes and public premises. These species are fond of urban areas and do not hesitate to invest our homes where they find the conditions [...]

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Weevil, why beware?

Weevil, don't skimp out! Take action! These house insects and their larvae can cause considerable damage, not only to dry food stores, but also to the garden and the materials that make up your home. They can attack plants in the kitchen garden. Some are very fond of damp wood [...]

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Is it necessary to do business with a Montreal exterminator for rodents (and other pests) in winter?

Avoid attracting rodents and other pests in the cozy comfort of your building. As we approach winter , some rodents and insects seek a warm place to survive. Their body temperature fluctuates with the environment. Cold temperatures outside affect their metabolism. They therefore expose themselves to certain death. As we [...]

Pest management in Montreal during the move!

Article updated: July 16, 2020 Pest management in Montreal is often something that escapes you when buying a move. However, for the safety of your family, there are some maintenance tasks worth doing. One of the most important things to check is the existence of parasites. It can be [...]

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